Bucketlist: 10 Cool things to do in Thailand

Thailand is backpacking-country no. 1 and that is not without reason: this country has everything; green nature, beautiful beaches, great sealife, delicious cuisine, inspiring culture, fun activities and historical sights. Here are 10 bucketlistpoints for a visit to Thailand.   1. Spending a day (or more) with elephants Spending a day with elephants is a … More Bucketlist: 10 Cool things to do in Thailand

Food: Thailand

Thai food is very versatile. From soups and curries to noodle dishes and salads….. it has something for every eater (including vegetarians and vegans). When I visited Thailand for the first time in 2015 I fell in love with green curry. I ate so much of it that I did not really try many other … More Food: Thailand